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$1,150,000 Unpaid commissions of two plaintiffs $150,000 For long-term employee fired for age and/or medical reasons
$675,000Sexual harassment in a warehouse $150,000 Mental disability & termination of CFO
$510,000 Class action settlement of 125 workers on overtime claims 150,000 Settlement for failure to reinstate after maternity leave
$465,000 Sexual harassment at a gas station $140,000 Not Accommodated and Fired for Mental Disability Leave
$450,00 Settlement for 2 on-call workers $137,930.14 Robinson v. Mantra - Binding Arbitration Award in Pregnancy Case
$365,000 Sexual harassment of a delivery driver 137,500 Failure to reinstate after FMLA
$305,000 Wrongful termination of 2 sales people $130,000 Employee fired for refusing to falsify records in lawsuit
$300,000 Post trial verdict for wrongful termination and minor rest break violations $127,500 Wrongfully terminated driver who complained his truck was unsafe
$280,111.42 Vasquez v. Del Rio Sanitarium settled for $365,000 after defendant lost their appeal - pregnancy case - Jury Trial $127,450 improper inquiry about medical abilities
$270,000 Sexual harassment & termination $125,000 Wrongful termination & minor labor code violations
$246,000 Breach of fiduciary duty arbitration award involving disability discrimination $125,000 Pregnancy discrimination & termination
$225,000 Sexual harassment by store customers $120,000 male on male sexual harassment
Unpaid wages, overtime, labor code section 2699 penalties- arbitration award of over $205,000 for multiple plaintiffs $120,000 Insurance professional terminated for taking California Family Care Leave (FMLA)
$200,000 Sexual Harassment of Near Minimum Wage Worker $117,702 Disability discrimination, Family Medical Leave & termination of $10.00 an hour employee in binding arbitration award
$200,000 Race Discrimination towards Latinos $117,500($24,000) Pregnancy discrimination & termination loss of earnings
182,500 Fired during cancert treatment $115,000 Sexual harassment of car saleswoman & minor unpaid commissions
$175,000 Failure to pay minimum wage & overtime of 3 strip club workers $115,000 Pregnancy discrimination & termination of customer service employee
$175,000 Unpaid overtime of 2 limo drivers of a small company $112,023 Wrongful termination of social worker during trial
$175,000 Wrongful Termination of Financial Whistleblower $109,500 Unpaid prevailing wages for 2 employees of a small company
$165,000 Wrongful termination/whistleblower $107,500 Wrongfully terminated security manager who let his subordinates know they had rights to meal breaks
$162,000 Sexual harassment at a home owner’s Association $105,000Overtime due computer professional
$155,000 Whistle blower at construction site $105,000 Fired After Depression Leave
$150,000 Cancer discrimination & termination of waitress Wrongful Termination of Site Manager $102,500
$150,000 Sexual harassment of an eight-teen year old restaurant worker $102,500 sexual harassment of a janitor
$150,000 Disability discrimination & termination $102,500 Family Care Leave Act violations & termination($20,000 loss of earnings)
$150,000 Wrongful termination of social worker reporting patient abuse $100,850 sexual harassment by restaurant manager
$100,000 Fired Due to Age of FMLA Leave

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